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Without any doubt, pasta foods are one of the most popular foodstuffs of our time. Pasta is delicious and considered as health food, especially if served with typical Italian tomato and vegetable sauces.

Who wouldn’t like them – young or old – as side dish, complete meal or as snack? One can hardly imagine the absence of pasta at restaurants, bistros or canteens. According to market analysis, there will be an increasing demand for this product in the forthcoming years. However, the pasta products served in the classical outlets, mostly suffer from poor quality; here are some of the reasons:

- to guarantee quick availability, pasta is usually partly precooked and a second time cooked for ready use
- cooked in advance or deep frozen and either kept warm with vapor or reheated by microwave or even worse, by throwing it again into hot water

Who would wonder about loss in quality after such “torture” not even evaluated the substantial dissipation of time, energy and personnel.

For all this reasons and to make pasta a healthy part of the growing fast food demand we have been seriously dealing with this problem and after several years of constant development and improvement of three generations of automated pasta cooking machines, we are now proud to present our Pasta Cooking System Cucina.

From a technical point of view, this product is unique and it is “en vogue” in the modern gastronomy. The machine can be tailored to the special need of the customer. Starting with a basic cooking unit, the machine can be upgraded with options up to a full scale vending machine.

It is intended to capitalize the company in order to
- increase the capacity of production
- to be able to offer all varieties of machines not only through wholesalers and dealerships but also to build up a kind of a franchise system
- establish a leasing company to control and participate in all market niches for the various applications of the products.

Automated Pasta Cooking Project





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