Automated Pasta Cooking Project

Our patented cooking process works with excess pressure. Together with a solid and durable technology this is the basis of our innovative catering concept. Once you push a button or insert a coin, you will get highly nutritious, freshly cooked pasta in less than 90 seconds, which are neither cooked in advance nor otherwise pre-treated.

The whole cooking process is carried out in a so-called "closed system" almost noiseless and completely odourless. This means that, according to German legal orders, no licence for cooking is required to operate the cucina.

Especially, we took care about all aspects of hygiene in choosing products and materials as well as processes for cooking and cleaning.

Pasta from semolina
basic product without eggs, yields no problems in transportation, storable for years, odourless, no costly storage (e.g. air conditioning or cooling).The cucina supplies single portions from a clear plastic carousel with an automatic shutter.

At the press of a button, a single portion falls – completely visible for customers – into the cooking chamber after the carousel has revolved by one position.

The cooking process is carried out at temperatures between 110° C and 125° C. Any bacteria or germs that might have contacted the pasta will be destroyed.

Moreover, every portion is prepared in its own batch of fresh water and; all materials contacting the food are safe and permitted according to legal food orders.

The ready to serve sauce
has got a shelf life of 12 months; due to the way of packaging this product yields no problems in transportation or storage.
The sauce dispenser (optional for cucina 2000plus) is sensibly linked to the whole concept. It allows a hygienic storage of up to 3 types of sauce with 16 portions each.

Preparation of sauce
Upon selecting a sauce, one closed bag of the chosen sauce is delivered to the sauce heater and heated to about 40° C in a process parallel to cooking of the pasta. The sealed bag of heated sauce is dispensed from the cucina simultaneously with freshly cooked pasta. The customer opens the bag and mixes sauce and pasta.

Cleaning / Service
An integrated and automatic program for the cooking system makes expensive purification tasks almost completely obsolete.

However, any system, as perfect as it might be, needs additional care. We offer an affordable service and maintenance plan that is sensible due to technical requirements but also necessary due to legal aspects. In combination with a maintenance contract this will guarantee high reliability and long useful life of the system.

Summing up these well thought-out detailed solutions, you will get a system withstanding highest hygienic requirements, which guarantees cleanness and minimal expenditures for maintenance and control. However, many of these details are not visible to your customers, because the system´s design is attractive and up-to-date. Moreover, your customers probably will value other criteria such as:

Preparation within seconds
Always freshly cooked pasta
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Always constant quality
Perfectly cooked "al dente"

Running the system, you will gain profits as well:

Low expenditures for personnel and maintenance
Lowest loss of products/low waste volume
High yields
Little requirement for space
Reproducible product quality even with different

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