Solares Resort, Mauritius Island - Executive Summary

 The Solares Resort is a proposed high-end development to be located on the West coast of Mauritius.

 Mauritius Island is located in the Indian Ocean off the East coast of Southern Africa and East of Madagascar. Mauritius is an Indian Ocean crossroad linking Australia, Africa and Asia. It has a population of over 1.2 million and itsí economy is based on sugar, textiles, tourism and financial services. Political stability, sustained economic growth and favorable taxation policies have attracted over 9,000 offshore entities centered in commerce and banking.

The Solares location, situated on the coast, provides both ocean views and inland vistas dominated by Mont Rempart and Tourelle du Tamarin. The development will feature modern architecture at its finest, offering spacious, ultra-luxurious settings and residences for both owners and guests alike.

The primary components of Solares include commercial (office, retail and entertainment), casino and hotel, resort and residential. An extensive central park will separate the commercial and residential areas.

The commercial component will include 1.2 million sf of retail connected by a number of pedestrian malls, 900,000sf of office space, a 200,000sf theme park, 1700 cinema seats and 90 2BR condominiums.

The Casino and Hotel will include a convention center, restaurants and bars, retail, theater and underground parking. Hotel room sizes range from 400sf to over 600sf.

The Resort will provide luxurious accommodations in addition to a spa, health center, lap pools, retail, restaurants and a beach area.

The residential component will include 200 luxury homes comprising five different models offering from four to six bedrooms. Each home will offer sweeping views of both ocean and inland, including Mont Rempart. Buyers can obtain full title to Solares homes and financing, at 80% LTV, is available from accredited international financial institutions.


















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